Define Cloud Computing with Different Deployment Modal

Cloud Computing is nothing but the Internet based service

Types of Cloud Computing

  1. SAAS -> Software As a Service (Example-Skype,Ebay,Paypel,Google Mails etc)
  2. PASS -> Platform As a Service (VMware,Amazon EC2,Rackspace)
  3. IAAS ->Infracture As a Service

Deployment Modal

  1. Private  (Example Inmy Primises, Bank and Health Service)
  2. Community (In Group)
  3. Public (FB,Amazon,Gmail etc)
  4. Hybrid

Advantage of Cloud Computing

  1. Cost Saving
  2. More Secure
  3. More Flexible
  4. Infinite Storage
  5. Backuo and Recovery
  6. Rapid Deployment
  7. Dynamic Scaling/Elasticity
  8. Pay As you Go Modal