EC2 Instance

It is nothing but the Computer system combination of Processor, Memory and Internal Storage,It is Region based Infrastracture Service

Types of Instance

  • On Demand Instance->Functionality to Start,Stop and Hibernate the system
  • Reserved Instance->Terms Commitment (1 years to 3 Years)
  • Spot Instance ->No Stop,No Hibernate,No Restart everything is automatically)
  • Dedicated Host->It is a physical Machine , Not Virtual machine, You have to Bring Your Own Licence (BYOL) for all software

Payment Types

  • All upfront
  • Partial Upfront
  • No Upfront

Communication Chhanel

  • Unicast :1 to 1 (Mobile)
  • Multicast : 1 to Group (Zoom Meeting), Conf Call
  • Broadcast :1 to All (FM Radio)