Eclipse Shortcuts and Some Git Commands

Type Description
ctrl+L Go to Line No
ctrl+O Overview , all members of a class
ctrl+shift+T Open Type, Pre Defined Class
nmtui to select the  active internet connection and activate it in CUI mode
yum install net-tools to install the networking tool/network settings in command windows

yum info git

git --version

to check the git is installed in your system or not

yum install git

to install git in CUI mode
git init Initialize the local git repository
git add or git add . Add single file or multiple file into git
git commit -m "first commit" Commit the file into local repository
git branch -M master  
git remote add origin Connect to thr remote repository
git push -u origin master push the file to remote repository
git status Check the git status
git rm or git rm * Remove single file or multiple file