Setting up Lombok with Eclipse and Spring Tool Suite

This is an Open Source JAVA API. It provide list of annotations, those generates Source code for , spring suite automatically add the dependency in to pom file

Concept Annotation
set method @Setter
get method @Getter
toString @ToString
equalsandhashCode @EqualsAndHashCode



@RequiredArgsConstructor + @NonNull

Step1. On STS > File > new > Spring Starter Project > Next > Search 'lombok' and choose checkbok > Next > Finish.
Step2. Goto Lombok JAR LOCATION-->C:\Users\Raghu\.m2\repository\org\projectlombok\lombok\1.18.16
Step3. Double click on jar : lombok-1.18.16
Step4. Click on 'Specify Location' Button > Select Eclipse/STS Location (E:\SoftwaresLatest\sts-4.7.1.RELEASE)
Step5. Click on Install or Update Button > Click on Quit Installer/Finish > Start Coding